Night On Broadway 2016

Took the camera out once again to Night On Broadway, an annual event in which they open all the historic theaters to the public as part of the Bringing Back Broadway initiative here in Downtown Los Angeles. Key difference this year was the addition of the 11-24mm f/4L to my kit, which enabled me to capture the full scope of some theaters that I couldn't quite get at 16mm last time. 

First up is the United Artists Theater at the Ace Hotel.

Next is The Million Dollar Theater. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived the large crowd prevented me from getting a decent stage shot, so I decided to just look up and capture something different.

And finally, the Los Angeles Theater. This was a big one for me, because last year it was the only "epic" theater that I was unable to capture, due to crowds and dim concert lighting. This year, however, things worked out perfectly. I arrived when a show was going on, so the lobby was relatively clear. And I was ready when show let out, so I basically had free reign of the theater.