Night On Broadway 2016

Took the camera out once again to Night On Broadway, an annual event in which they open all the historic theaters to the public as part of the Bringing Back Broadway initiative here in Downtown Los Angeles. Key difference this year was the addition of the 11-24mm f/4L to my kit, which enabled me to capture the full scope of some theaters that I couldn't quite get at 16mm last time. 

First up is the United Artists Theater at the Ace Hotel.

Next is The Million Dollar Theater. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived the large crowd prevented me from getting a decent stage shot, so I decided to just look up and capture something different.

And finally, the Los Angeles Theater. This was a big one for me, because last year it was the only "epic" theater that I was unable to capture, due to crowds and dim concert lighting. This year, however, things worked out perfectly. I arrived when a show was going on, so the lobby was relatively clear. And I was ready when show let out, so I basically had free reign of the theater. 


Some photos of the Atlanta skyline, from my recent trip. First few are from Piedmont Park. 

Last one is from the Jackson Street Bridge. This view is most recognizable from the marketing for the first season of The Walking Dead. 

The Broad

Amazing new art museum here in Downtown Los Angeles, both architecturally and for the art being exhibited. Definitely going back as often as I can. (Which is easier said than done due to it's popularity.)

Oddly enough, one of my favorite features of the museum was the elevator. A clear cylinder perfect for an abstract photo.

Vasquez Rocks

Decided to take the new lenses out to play at Vasquez Rocks. The 11-24L was the heavy hitter, but the 100-400L II definitely came in handy. I've been limited to 200mm for a few years now, so it's nice to get back the reach I lost when I switched to full frame. I was in a monochrome mood, so the deep shadows from the late-noon sun were just what I needed.

Does anyone else see a shark head in the image below, or is it just me? 

I know I said I was in a monochrome mood, but one color image doesn't hurt. 

The Bradbury with the 11-24L

Recently acquired the new Canon 11-24mm f/4L lens. I've been waiting patiently for years for Canon to make a zoom wider than 16mm. It finally happened, and doesn't disappoint. Decided to test it out at the famous Bradbury Building lobby, making this my third attempt at capturing the location, because I could never get wide enough. 11mm did the trick. 

Eastern Columbia

As much as I love the Ace Hotel and the Jesus Saves sign, this iconic piece of Downtown LA is by far the best part of my view. And when the time comes that I have to move, it's what I'll miss the most. 


As I boosted the warmth to more accurately reflect the time of day I took the shot, that building would not budge from it's original tone. I suppose it was a result of being backlit, or the tinting of the windows. Either way, it went from a photo I was indifferent to and goofing around with, to a shot I loved. It's always fun when an image surprises you like that.